Shared learning: a call to action

Everyone has something to share and we can all learn from one another.  I have read a lot lately about exercising your brain, reading more, staying current on news events and things happening within your one’s own profession or field of study.  It is no doubt that it is incumbent on people in most professions to read to stay current, ahead of trends, and to increase overall knowledge.  Social media and technology have increased our ability to get quick and easy access to information and to share it with others.  I often share articles that come across my RSS or Twitter feeds with my Twitter followers.  However, I take it a step further.  When I see something that is worth directly sharing with someone I know, I pass it along to them in an email.  When I read an article that would help, interest, or relate to the major of one of my students, I share it with them.  When I read an article that would enhance the knowledge of or be helpful to a colleague, I share it with them.

Just today, in an attempt to expand what I read, I asked a question to the #sachat community on Twitter.  I immediately received the following two suggestions within a matter of minutes.

This further demonstrates my point of the power of shared knowledge and shared learning.

When our formal, in class education ends, it is up to each one of us individually to continue our own lifelong learning.  I encourage you all to find things that interest you, increase your overall knowledge, and contribute to your lifelong learning and share it with people either directly or through social media.  It will make you and those around you (physically or in your social network) smarter.

What are you reading currently that you think others would find interesting or learn from?  Share it by leaving a comment.


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