ACUI Volunteers

Today was my first day in Boston for the 2012 ACUI Annual Conference. The CPT and Central Office Staff did a phenomenal job welcoming us and kicking the conference off to a fabulous start.

The thing that stood out most today was the Volunteer Meeting. For those who don’t know, I am in my 3rd year as a Region 1 volunteer. Nothing has been more valuable to my growth as a new professional than my ACUI involvement. I was both impressed and inspired by the number of folks who came to the conference early to connect with other volunteers and engage in meaningful discussions together.

Conference keynote Dr. Shane Lopez talked about the power of hope for the future. The energy of my fellow volunteers left me with hope for the future in 3 ways.

1) Hope for the future of the Association
2) Hope for the future of our field
3) Hope for my personal continued involvement as an ACUI volunteer

For those who volunteer with a professional organization: what do you gain from it? For those who don’t, what is stopping you?


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