Advice for New Tweeps

This time of year, our #sachat community on Twitter grows as more professionals and students join Twitter at a conference. This has been true at #ACUI12. If you are new to Twitter, or are coming back after a long break, here is some advice….

1) Be authentic – put simply, be on Twitter who you are in person. You will have the opportunity to meet many of your Twitter connections in real life.
2) Learning and lurking is OK – I spent most of my first year on Twitter reading and following. I learned a lot about student affairs and Twitter by doing this.
3) Find your voice – our community loves new voices and new ideas. #sachat is great for asking questions to other professionals, but it is only effective if we all commit to engaging when we have something to share. If you have an answer to a question that was posed, or an idea to share, share it!
4) No egg shells, please – put up a profile picture. We want to see your face!
5) Write your bio – create a bio that tells us who you are.
6) Do not protect your tweets – Twitter is meant to be a conversation platform. If you say something worth sharing, I can’t retweet it if your tweets are protected.
7) Learn the lingo – there are some great resources to help you learn the ins and outs of Twitter. My favorite resource is on my friend Ed Cabellon’s Blog. There are many posts that will get you started.
8) Remember, BE AUTHENTIC

For those new to Twitter, what other questions do you have? For those #sachat vets, what further recommendations do you have?


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