The next phase of my journey…

First off, please forgive me for putting this in a blog post.  I have way too many words than anyone would tolerate on Facebook, let alone fit within 140 characters.  I have had my conversations, sent out my emails and texts, and am ready to make an announcement:

I have recently accepted the position of Director of Student Leadership and Programming at Clark University in Worcester, MA.  I am thrilled to join the incredible team at Clark and to be a contributing member to such a dynamic and innovative community, who’s motto is:

“Challenge Convention. Change Our World.”

Every single person I met with on the Clark campus was inviting, passionate about their work, and dedicated to this very motto. I couldn’t think of a better place for the next step in my professional journey and my director position!

This announcement is bittersweet, though as I will be leaving UNE on December 5th.  If you add up my time as an undergrad and as a staff member, I have spent 9 and 1/2 years at UNE. It has become home. Leaving UNE is not easy. The incredible students, remarkable colleagues, and fond memories will be with me forever. Though, it is hard to leave, I know it is the right time. I hope that I have conveyed enough to my UNE students and colleagues how much they mean to me. They all know how connected I am to my phone, so I will be reachable often 🙂

This new adventure is not only great for me professionally, but for Amanda and I personally.  It has always been a long term goal of ours to move back home and this position allows us the opportunity to do so. Hope our family is ready for us!



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